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Job Req Id:  276603
Business Area:  Internal Support Functions
Date Posted:  22-Jul-2021
City:  Chongqing

Title:  Graphic Designer-Creative Services-CoRe-GDC-Chongqing

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About the Business

  • CoRe, Deloitte’s integrated shared services organization, supports the Global Strategy by delivering consistent quality and measurable value across the global network. CoRe is uniquely positioned to develop new and innovative approaches beyond current member firm capabilities by:
    • Leveraging global scale to drive bottom-line savings;
    • Increasing speed to market to drive top-line growth;
    • Adopting best-in-class processes and tools;
    • Propelling innovation;
    • Uniting top talent.
  • CoRe Creative Services is the Deloitte’s largest global design team with 170 coordinators and designers operating in three delivery centers and multiple locations globally.   It provides professional graphic design for our Deloitte internal customers.  AP team is located at Chongqing, China and aims to serve AP internal customers. 

Work you'll do

  • Excellent opportunity to join the Deloitte Creative Services network and participate in the global 7x24 design team. If you have a solid design background, don't miss it.
  • 绝佳机会加入德勤创意服务网络,参与全球7x24设计团队项目。如果你有扎实的设计功底,请不要错过。
  • Format and design creative collaterals using Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite, as per the needs of the projects.
  • 根据项目需求,使用Microsoft和Adobe进行版面设计创意;
  • Operate within an internal process-driven structure, meeting deadlines and client expectations for quality and creativity.
  • 按内部流程构架执行工作内容并且按时交付,确保质量和设计内容达到客户预期;
  • Manage and deliver graphic design projects through all phases of development: creative consultation, storyboarding, providing concepts based on customer interaction, designing, revising, troubleshooting, and producing a final product.
  • 平面设计项目各个开发阶段的管理及交付:创意资讯,分镜头脚本设计,基于客户诉求提供有效概念,并进行设计、修订、故障排除及完成最终产品;
  • Gain expertise on Deloitte Brand Identity standards and Deloitte Brand templates.
  • 建立专业的德勤品牌标准与规范;
  • Deliver design solutions that have a high visual impact and stands out in the internal and external market.
  • 交付的设计解决方案在内外部市场均可脱颖而出并赋予非同一般的视觉影响力;
  • Demonstrate freehand/digital illustration skills.
  • 运用Freehand/数字插图技能;
  • Effectively interact with customers across geographies; understand the scope and purpose of the clients' requirements; and provide design solutions.
  • 有效与客户进行远程沟通,了解客户的实际需求并提供设计解决方案;
  • Follow directions, manage multiple tasks, work with information/data from multiple sources, meet deadlines, and respond to urgent requests in a positive manner.
  • 遵循指示,可管理多重任务及多重信息数据,按时交付并迅速正面反馈紧急需求;
  • Work closely with other design professionals to solve design problems and communicate resolutions.
  • 与其他专业设计人员保持紧密合作沟通并解决问题;
  • Be a team player with a positive attitude and demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • 优秀的团队合作者,有效的口头与书面沟通能力及人际交往能力;
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise in creative design domains/applications and ability to share knowledge.
  • 在创造设计领域展现出独有的专业知识,并乐于分享。

A fit for the role? Let's talk about you.

  • We are looking for someone with:
  • Advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Adobe Premiere, After Effects)
  • 可熟练使用Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Adobe Premiere, After Effects
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel). Ability to work with templates, styles, and experience of working within corporate identity/brand guidelines.
  • 可熟练使用Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)办公软件,并有公司标识/品牌准则相关经历;
  • 3-7 Years of experience in corporate graphic design. Portfolio should include samples of presentation design, print collaterals, marketing materials, and other design pieces that reflect capabilities.
  • 3-7年公司平面设计经历,内容包含演讲稿样本设计,印刷品设计,宣传材料及其他相关设计内容;
  • Must possess excellent English verbal and written communication skills and good interpersonal skills with the ability to build credibility and collaborate with firm personnel at all levels.
  • 熟练的英语口语和书面沟通能力及人际交往能力。
  • Graduate/Post Graduate in any discipline. Desired: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Design, or Diploma in Graphic/Web Designing, Animation 
  • 大学本科/硕士研究生,专业不限。以下专业优先考虑:艺术专业(本科及以上)、设计专业(本科及以上)、平面/网页设计专业(大专及以上)、动画专业;
  • Freehand or digital illustration skills is a plus. 有Freehand/数字插图技能者优先;
  • Additional language skills, such as German, French, or Spanish, Korean a plus.
  • 第二外语能力,例如德语、法语、西班牙语,韩语等。

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